Luigi Bonaro

a writer from Rome. He spends his time writing Science Fiction, Weird, Absurdist and Noir fiction, watching old sci-fi movies and playing his 1965 Bassman with an old blondie Telecaster.

I confini della notte, my short story in  Horror Storytelling - ISBN 13: 9788890444449

December 2013

Fiction, horror/sci-fi short story

uno zombie elegante, my short story in
Morto e mangiato - storie di zombie AA.VV. Isbn 9788868851118
December 2013!

Tre Bàrgher, my short story in “Natale e Dintorni” ISBN 978-88-98621-05-7 Alcherlinga Edizioni

December 12, 2013

Fiction, weird, short story

Rome City Blues, my short story in Skan Magazine 16

December 2013

Fiction, noir, short story

Profezia Binaria, my short story in
Robot N°70 - AUTUNNO 2013 - ANNO XI - DELOSBOOKS - ISSN 1974-8205

November 27, 2013

Fiction, sci-fi short story!

La strada della follia, my short story in Les Cahiers du Troskij Café” ISBN 97888958266301

November 2013

Fiction, weird, noir, short story

Le leggende del castello nero Nero Press Edizioni

November 2013

Preface and co-editing with Laura Platamone of an Italian gothic fiction anthology “Racconti Fantastici, 1869” by the oldest Italian author, Iginio Ugo Tarchetti, published soon by Nero Press as “Le leggende del castello nero”.!

Dissenteria, my short story in 365 Racconti di Natale - ISBN: 9788865304631 - Delos Books

November 2013

Fiction, weird, short story!

Sembra Buono, my short story in Skan Magazine N°15
November 2013

Fiction, sci-fi short story

La donna con il cappello piumato, my short story in Skan Magazine 14
October 2013

Fiction, weird, sci-fi short story